Vacation rentals are a popular and growing lodging option for travelers such as you and your group. Vacation homes and cabins offer a unique experience with expanded amenities over traditional hotel and motel experiences, as well as, in many cases offering value on per person per night costs to guests.

We at Hummingbird Cabins feel that vacation rentals offer a good deal for both home owners and guests in this capacity sharing arrangement. That being said, vacation properties are on occasion politically targeted by neighboring property owners for a host of reasons many of which are unjustified… but from time to time justified mostly because of noise at inconsiderate times, over occupancy, unsupervised children and unleashed pets or failing to pick up after them.

We ask that you and all those in your group live by the Golden Rule. While enjoying your mountain vacation, please conduct yourself as you would want people to conduct themselves if they were staying in a home next door to yours back home. In this way, we can all work together to keep vacation rentals a viable option for your future vacation travels to not only Ruidoso, but around the country and the globe.

The undersigned guest agrees to the following conditions of occupancy:

NOTICE: Reservations are confirmed and are subject to all cancellation fees. No directions or key code access will be given until a signed copy of this agreement is received in our office and all monies paid in full.

Payment is requested by VISA or MasterCard, Discover or American Express. A deposit equal to 30% of total rental is required to confirm a reservation. Reservations must be PAID IN FULL at least 30 days prior to arrival. Cards may be automatically charged on or after due date if we are not contacted to make other arrangements.

Christmas and New Year (12/18-1/3) reservations require a 30% deposit (down payment) to confirm a reservation. Christmas and New Year reservations must be PAID IN FULL by November 1st. Cards may be automatically charged on or after due date if we are not contacted to make other arrangements.

Security Deposit 
Security Deposit liability is from $100.00 to $800.00 dependent on the property rented. Security Deposits are collected when making the reservation and are collected by Credit Card. PLEASE NOTE: Security Deposits will be refunded between a minimum of 10 Business Days (2 weeks) and a Maximum of 20 Business Days (4 weeks) following your departure. Reasons for forfeiture of the Security Deposit are listed below.
Any abuse, damage or theft.
Any indication that a guest has been smoking indoors.
Any indication that  a pet was brought without permission.
Any need for housekeeping beyond what would be considered “normal”.
Any need for hot tub services beyond “NORMAL” usage.
Moving or re-arranging furniture.
You will be informed by e-mail and a phone call as to why and when such additional charges are made.

Cancellations made 30 or more days before confirmed reservation date will receive full refund/credit less $75.00 service charge for processing. Cancellations made less than 30 days before confirmed reservation date will be charged as follows:
20 – 29 days in advance: 1/2 of one night’s rental PLUS $75.00 service charge for processing
10 – 19 days in advance: One night’s rental PLUS $75.00 service charge for processing
1 – 9 days in advance: Two night’s rental PLUS $75.00 service charge for processing
Deposit on reservations of 1 Week or more are not refundable if Cancellation is made less than 30 days in advance of reservation. CHRISTMAS AND NEW YEAR PLEASE (12/18 – 1/3 arrival dates) NOTE:

Check in is at 4:00 PM. Early arrival is an option if housekeeping has completed cleaning from previous guests. Early arrivals MUST be arranged in advance. We strongly encourage you to check into the property before 7:00 PM. We are a small community with limited services available after hours. If you arrive after 7:00 PM and are not satisfied with your accommodations we will be unable to change your unit until the next day if we have availability. This policy will not apply if the situation is a reasonable emergency, such as burst water pipe, no electricity, no heat in winter, etc.

Check-Out is at 10:00 AM. A late check-out IS available for an additional fee as long as no reservation is scheduled to arrive the same day. Late check-out will be considered, but MUST be arranged in advance. Refunds will not be available for departures earlier than reserved departure date. Unapproved late check-out may be subject to late check-out fees, additional night stay charge added or, potential removal of belongings from property after reasonable attempts of been made to notify you of unapproved late check-out.

All Guests are Cautioned that They Use the Hot Tubs at Their Own Risk. Bottles or glass objects will not be permitted at any time in the spa. All children under twelve (12) years of age must be accompanied by an adult while in the Spa. No pets will be allowed in spa. If hot tub has to be cleaned due to misuse (Alcohol, dirt, debris from careless, use etc.), you will be charged an extra cleaning fee which will be determined by the Spa service company.

All of our properties are NON-SMOKING properties. Smoking is prohibited inside the units. Smoking may be permitted on the decks or porches outside. There are times however that city ordinance may not permit smoking even outdoors due to fire danger. Please check with the office to see if such bans are in effect.

Several properties allow pets. Be sure that the property you are reserving will allow pets. An additional fee will apply per pet per reservation. If you are not sure or have questions please call 866-505-3555. If any pet residue is found in the property after departure a forfeiture of all or part of the Security Deposit will result. Only pets under fifty pounds (50 lbs) in weight will be permitted on the property. Please Note: ONLY ONE (1) PET. (If you have more than one pet, contact our office and your request will be considered on a case by case basis). In no event shall pets be permitted outside the unit unless carried or on a leash and under the direct supervision of the owner. If the pet is left in the unit while the guest is away it MUST be sequestered in a kennel. Pets must be properly restrained or sequestered at all times. The owner shall indemnify Property Management Company and hold it harmless against any loss or liability of any kind or character whatsoever arising from or growing out of having any animal in the unit. Pet owners are responsible for cleaning up the property after their pets. A pet stay fee is added to your reservation.

Additional Guests: 
You must state the number of guests (adult [12 & Older] and children [Infant to 12]) when making reservations. Should the number of guests increase after reservations are made, you are expected to inform us. Failure to observe this requirement will result in forfeiture of your Security Deposit.

Motor Vehicles and Trailers: 
Vehicles shall be parked only in parking areas provided. All commercial vehicles and RV’s of any kind or description are prohibited from parking on any portion of the property. Trailers of all types are prohibited in Alto Lakes Country Club and other planned communities. If you are traveling with a trailer please contact us to verify allowance or parking.

No alteration or addition to the property shall be made by any guest. This includes moving furniture around in the unit. If housekeeping has to move furniture back to its proper place you will be charged an additional fee.

Lock-outs may result in additional service charges against your security deposit. Primary access is through doors with key code entry systems. Do not exit the home and lock the secondary lock on doors with key code systems.

All refuse must be put in secured plastic bags and place into the dumpster facilities. If you need to know where to find the nearest dumpster to your unit please call the office (866-505-3555 or 575-258-3555). If refuse is left in the unit you may be charged an extra cleaning fee. Properties in Alto Lakes Country Club utilize the facility at 1221 High Mesa Rd for disposal.

Quiet Enjoyment:
You are responsible to observe and respect the quiet enjoyment of neighboring property. Loud music, voices, vehicles are not permitted. Complaints against your group may result in loss of your security deposit.

Conduct of Children: 
Parents are responsible for the general conduct of their children at all times. Damage to the real property or personal property at the unit is the responsibility of the parent. Children must respect quite enjoyment of neighbors.